Lyman Warren Cleveland Jr.

Lyman Warren Cleveland Jr. (February 22, 1890 - February 17, 1970) was a Philadelphia Interior Decorator/Designer working in the Philadelphia area from about 1915 to 1960. He specialized in the Interior design of upscale residences and Hotel Lobbies.


Early Life

Lyman Cleveland circa 1960



Born: February 22, 1890



Died: February 17, 1970



Years Active: 1915 - 1960



Occupaion: Interior Designer




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Office and residence at 2038 Locust Street Philadelphia (in 2016). Business name has been added - imprint from original lettering still exists.
Record from The American Contractor, (Journal Magazine) July 13,1922. 2038 Locust Street gets extensive renovations throughout. Record indicates Brick and Marble facade, Roofing, Sheet Metal work and Painting. Design work was done by DeArmond, Ashmead & Bickley a Architecture and Landscape Architecture firm based in Philadelphia. All three associates were graduates of The University of Pennsylvania. Lyman's address at this time is listed as the Witherspoon Building.
The exterior facade shown on left is believed to be the still remaining Marble, Brick and Metal from this work in 1922.
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Aviator Insignia from United States Air Service - 1917.
Advertisement in Hill School Yearbook 1929.
Philadelphia Union League
Witherspoon Building 1319-1323 Walnut St
           Philadelphia circa 1901
In the 1924, Lyman marries Frances (Fay) Armiger, another center city Philadelphia resident. In 1929, Lyman and Fay have a son, Richard (Dick) Armiger Cleveland. In 1931, Lyman senior passes, and shortly afterwards Lyman, Fay and Dick move into one of the upper units of 2038 Locust Street.
Early in the 1930's Lyman joins the elite Philadelphia Union League. The Lyman W Cleveland decorating business continues, but in 1939 a pending sheriff's sale on 2038 Locust Street building appears in the Philadelphia Inquirer, and subsequent notice of sale of the property from Bank to new owner appears in 1942. The exact reason for this turn of events is unknown, but it is assumed to be business related, and perhaps with the lingering depression, the country going into war time production, or demand for Interior Decorators my have dramatically decreased. The family moves a few blocks down to an apartment at 2218 Locust Street and Lyman is employed in a few different management positions up to the end of the war in 1945.
After the war, the Interior Decorating business starts up again in offices at 1411 Walnut Street in Philadelphia.
The family moves to Wynnewood PA around 1950, and the business eventually moves to the Wynnewood house, and winds down as Lyman moves into retirement. Lyman Cleveland passes away on February 17, 1970.

In 1830, Lyman's great grandfather Civil War Veteran Elias Randall Cleveland, moved from New Hampshire to Somerville Massachusetts, eventually settling in Melrose Massachusetts around 1880. Elias and his wife Mary had four children Lillian, George, Albert and Lyman Warren Cleveland (Senior). Lyman Sr. married Estelle Marie Jenkins and had three children Lyman, Brenda and Cedric.


The Cleveland's lived in Melrose and by all accounts comfortably, Lyman Senior's occupation in late 1800s to early 1900s was listed as either Clerk or Manager, and later Decorator or Designer. About 1906 Lyman Senior and Estelle divorced, and Lyman Senior moved to Philadelphia with Lyman and perhaps Brenda - Cedric remained with Estelle who remarried.


The exact reason for the move to Philadelphia is unknown, but perhaps a new start after divorce, or for Lyman Senior to start a new Interior Decorator business. Once settled in Philadelphia, Lyman being still of high school age attended Central High School, and finished school at Bordentown Military Institute (Bordentown NJ). In 1909 he entered The University of Pennsylvania and graduated in 1914 with a degree in Fine Arts. The Penn yearbook indicates that he took a year off during his studies, and this may be due to death of his brother Cedric in 1911. During these years, Lyman Senior is already established and working in Interior Design in Philadelphia.


United Hotels
Military Service and Career
Although not known exactly, Lyman looks to be working with his father Lyman Senior in Interior Design after graduation. Lyman enlists for World War I service on September 25, 1917 and joins the United States Air Service, serves in France and is discharged on August 15, 1919 where he returns to Philadelphia and rejoins the Lyman W Cleveland business.

In the early 1920's, the business of Lyman W Cleveland, Interior Decorating and Design had been established in Philadelphia by Lyman Senior, and has it's office in the Witherspoon Building in Center City Philadelphia. One area of the business that develops is design and decorating of upscale Hotels. An ongoing relationship with United Hotels Company has been established, and the business does Design and Decorating of both new and existing upscale Hotels.

Examples of the Hotel work are contained Lyman W. Cleveland Clippings page.

Early 1920's Lyman Senior purchased 2038 Locust Street in the Rittenhouse Square area of Philadelphia. The building may have been purchased by the business. The building has a street level bay window, and three upper level apartments. After extensive renovations, the Lyman W Cleveland business moves from the Witherspoon Building to the street level unit, and the upper units periodically as family residence for Lyman.
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