Lyman Warren Cleveland Jr. - Philadelphia Interior Decorator
                                  Clippings Collection
Philadelphia Inquirer Sept 29, 1921 - Sale of 2038 Locust Street to Lyman W. Cleveland
Boyd's Philadelphia Business Directory 1921 - Listing of Lyman W Cleveland, Interior Decorator at Witherspoon Building in Philadelphia. It is believed that business was called Lyman W Cleveland, and both father and son employed.
Advertisement from Home and Garden Magazine - July 1927. Lyman W Cleveland and 2038 Locust Street are featured in this lovely McKinney Hardware ad for Forge Iron Hardware.
November 1935 Philadelphia Inquirer ad for
Freeman's auction of items from Lyman W Cleveland
January 1961 Philadelphia Inquirer ad for Lyman W Cleveland
Melrose Massachusetts Directory 1896 - Listing of Lyman W Cleveland (Senior), Designer with office in Boston, and home on Florence Street in Melrose.
Yearbook entry for Lyman Warren Cleveland, graduation from University of Pennsylvania, 1914. Address of 51st and Walnut Streets is Netherlands Apartments.
Advertisement from University of Pennsylvania production of "Faust" program, 1930.
Advertisement from American Hotel Supply
Company Directory, 1920. This ongoing design work for United Hotels Company is documented as early as 1916.
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